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Grand Theft Auto V Collectors Edition Pack DLC
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GTA Grand Theft Auto DLC Collectors Edition Xbox
2013-09-20 17:31:48 GMT

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Grand Theft Auto V DLC unlocks additional weapons, tattoos, challenges and gives you access to an airship.

Copy the file to Content000000000000000545408A70000002 preserving folder structure (next to the DVD1 files).
Run the game.


working? anyone? no Jtag/RGH please!
Im not an expert here but afaik u cant install DLCs without jtag/rgh. Only download them from XBL.
Legit, work on jtag/rgh and also work on non jtag/rgh, sp enjoy this great upload.
js if you guys cant inject it make sure you uncheck read only... happens to me everytime...
ok thank @Nikkigardens!
Well Not working for me... It say "Problem with DLC, try download again":(
That may be because u dont have rgh but we should wait for someone else to confirm.
That's why I ask : this works on NO Jtag/RGH consoles?

and @Nikkigardens answered:

"Legit, work on jtag/rgh and also work on non jtag/rgh, sp enjoy this great upload"
yes, but u ofc need a chipped one, not a regular non nothing 360
Works like charm on my RGH. Thank you for the upload!
You only need a jtag/rgh console if DLC is signed.

A lot of DLC is NOT signed and can be installed on ANY console using Horizon or other similar app. Most DLC that comes on disc is not signed. But most DLC dl'ed from XBL will be signed.

That said, apparently, this DLC is signed. :(

@Nikkigardens. You very specifically said this 'also works on non jtag/rgh' first, then follow up in a latter response saying of course you need a chipped system. Do you know what non jtag/rgh means? It means stock. Chipped one? There is no such thing. You have Jtaged 360's and you have RGH 360's, that is it. All those 'chips' do is RGH and emulated jtag. Learn what the hell you are talking about and quite giving incorrect information or else go away.
Is this actually the collectors' edition or just the special edition (one without the garage/hotknife and motorbike)? Because I've only seen the special editon around for download
THis is full Collectors Edition as it also unlocks the CarbonRS and Hotknife and gives you free garage. Amongst other things.
I injected this DLC to my flash drive and xbox says that is damaged, what I must do to install it? My console is nojtag/rgh
U need to get RGH it won't work on LT only consoles.
Hey everyone
thanks for all the awesome uploads
when i try to copy this to folder path in the instructions it says
xbox live indie game
in order to play this game you need to download and apply the available update please start the game again and accept the update

but ive got a RGH and am offline
any ideas what to do?
thanks in advance
Works PERFECT on my RGH, just finished the game and had nothing to do so I got this. I recommend this!
Injected onto a formatted flash drive with Horizon (I have used the program before for other DLC's and they worked). File was CORRUPTED when viewed on XBOX 360. DOES NOT WORK - FALSE FILE.