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7 Days To Die - Alpha 1.1 - 32-bit + Creative Mode
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7 Days to Die 7D2D alpha 1.1 C x64

2013-09-14 18:43:26 GMT


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7 Days To Die 32bit
patched to alpha 1.1
added debug menu option to enable 'Creative Mode'
(press Tab in-game and type in "dm" to enable it, then you can use G to fly and Z to add blocks)

Change 'Player' to any nick you want on login (and tick Auto-login so it won't bother you again), or else you won't be able to play multiplayer because of same names...		


Works great! On Alpha 1.0 I had only lags and low framerate. Now it goes completely smooth. Thanks!
it says error initializing server:
cretesocketorthreadfailure no spaces
when ever i try to make a new world is there any way I can fix this please help
Have the same problem jackg57 pleas help we need fix of these problem :S.
thanks for the game daaber :) works perfectly
hello Uploader.
can you upload version 1.1a of this game....please

thank you....
I would upload 1.1a, but there are no changes in it except security update which actually prevents you to login with fake account as it works now =D So I'd advise everybody to skip on patch 1.1a until another patch which actually adds something is released and cracked by somebody =D

I can't wait for you to upload alpha 1.1a.
thank you.
You didn't understand, I will not upload 1.1a, because there are no changes except disabling the login as it works now, so there's no point updating because it won't work without crack which I don't have
is it possible to give us a small run down on making a coop game... i see the dedicated server batch file but dont know if im using it correctly, thanks in advance n great upload def will grab when it gets out of beta! kinda a must have for me.
Just start a New game and on other PC, select 'Connect to Server' and type in the address of the first PC (the one you started a New game), no need to use the batch file for a few players =)
jackg57 You need to run task manager and go to processers and end the process of 7 days to die from there and they run the program and it should work.
Hope it helped
Dabber, upload 1.1a 32bit please. Doesn''t have to be cracked
Upload 1.1a 32bit to mega(dot)co(dot)nz, and link it in the comments if you don't wish to create a new torrent for it. I'll crack it myself, or someone else will get it beforehand
Alpha 2!
can we play offline ?