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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (2013) - 320kbps
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Daft Punk Random access memories Daft Punk RAM music electro funk

2013-05-14 03:11:16 GMT


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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories


01 Give Life Back to Music 
02 The Game of Love 
03 Giorgio by Moroder 
04 Within 
05 Instant Crush
06 Lose Yourself to Dance 
07 Touch 
08 Get Lucky 
09 Beyond 
10 Motherboard 
11 Fragments of Time 
12 Doin’ it Right 
13 Contact 

This is my first torrent so please be nice !
I created this torrent because the quality found on TPB doesn't pleased me, hope you like it.


WTF? Not a single damn comment on the quality?
I wouldn't bother.. I've been stuck at 21.9% for hours.
Stuck at 21.9%
People can u guys please SEED! thank u! everyone is stuck on 21.9, if people would not be selfish no one would not be stuck!
For everyone stucked, it should work now, bug fixed
thank u. finally finished, and i will see for a while
is it real 320 or re-encoded 192 ?
Ok it lis egit. waiting for CD now
Ripped from iTunes stream in .wave then converted in 320kbps .MP3
Ripped from the iTunes stream in .wave then converted in .mp3 (320kpbs)
Ripped from iTunes stream in wave then converted in mp3
That was a fast download :D

AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, floatle, 320.0 kbit/11.34% (ratio: 40004->352800)
Fucking garbage upload, no is3tags, broken files.
Could you upload the .wave files as well?
Sorry but this rip is awful... Very distorted.
Thanks, doesn't sound distorted at all to me. I didn't play it at max volume though.

Since you have the lossless .wav format, could you upload that also. Personally I'd prefer it over 320 mp3's.

Again thanks for your effort.
@AJcrash : maybe I'll upload it, since its a rip from a stream I don't know if it worth it

@ complainers : This torrent was made to wait for a rip from a cd, sorry if you think the sound is shitty (I'm a visual pro and a noob about audio). I made this rip for myself then I shared it, I don't pretend anything.
@MSM56: No worries, this will hold me over until a proper FLAC version hits.

All the folks complaining, it's 13 files, even if the tags need a little un-fucking, it's free and early. Spend the 5-10 minutes and tag them proper! It's not hard. I've got much worse in the past, but I fixed it all up, added HQ art and saved a boatload of $$.
Will buy the album for sure, have been always and will be a great fan and supporter of Daft Punk.

This album is bangin so far, screw all the haters, go back and listen to Herbie Hancock and realize the influence he had on electronica.