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Kabbalah for mystics (books and audio in English)
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Tanakh ( JPS, 1917 with Hebrew) 
Torah- The Five Books of Moses ( JPS, 2001)

Sefer Yesira (Hayman edition) 
Sefer Yetzirah (Kaplan edition)

Bahir (Kaplan without commentary)
The Bahir (Kaplan edition)

Sefer Zohar (Soncino Edition-Second Edition) 
Sefer Zohar (Kabbalah Centre Edition)
Giller - Reading the Zohar- The Sacred Text of the Kabbalah 
Matt - Pritzker Zohar- Haqdamat (Excerpt 1) 
Matt - Pritzker Zohar- Haqdamat (Excerpt 2) 
Matt - Sections from the Zohar 
Wineman - Mystic Tales from the Zohar 
Wolfson - Luminal Darkness- Imaginal Gleanings from Zoharic Literature 
Wolski - A Journey into the Zohar- An Introduction to the Book of Radiance

3 Enoch (Sefer Hekhalot, Odeberg transl.) 
Hekhalot Rabbati (English compilation) 
Hekhalot Rabbati (Smith, Scholem, Karr) 
Ma'aseh Merkavah (David transl.) 
Ma'aseh Merkavah 
The Lesser Heavenly Halls (Hekaloth Zutarti)

OT Pseudepigrapha Vol.1 (Charlesworth) 
OT Pseudepigrapha Vol.2 (Charlesworth) 
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls (Vermes)

Talmud (Babylonian, Soncino)
Ethics of the Fathers (ChaBaD transl.) 
Chronicles of Jerahmeel (Gaster) 
Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer (Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer the Great) 
Tanna Debe Eliyyahu- The Lore of the School of Elijah

R. Aryeh Kaplan:
Meditation and the Bible
Meditation and Kabbalah
Jewish Meditation- A Practical Guide
Abulafia - The Path of the Names 
Arizal - Apples From the Orchard (weekly reading-Wisnefsky transl.) 
Eleazar of Worms - The Ways of Metatron (Stein transl.) 
R. Chaim Vital - Shaarei Kedusha (edited) 
Rambam - Guide for the Perplexed 
Ramchal - Mesillat Yesharim- Path of the Just 
The Essential Rabbi Nachman

Dan - The Early Kabbalah
Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd Ed., 22 vols. In 1 (2007) 
Ginzberg - Legends of the Jews (2-Volume Set) 
Josephus - The Antiquities of the Jews 
Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion (1997) 
Schwartz - Tree of Souls- The Mythology of Judaism
Don Karr:
“Kabbalah in English” Revisited 
Notes on Editions of Sefer Yetzirah in English 
Notes on the Study of Early Kabbalah in English 
Notes on the Study of Later Kabbalah in English 
Notes on the Study of Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Literature in English 
Notes on the Zohar in English
Gershom Scholem: 
Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Talmudic Tradition 
Origins of the Kabbalah

Gershom Scholem - Tselem- The Representation of the Astral Body (mp3 and pdf info) 
R. Adler on Jewish Magic (mp3 and pdf info) 
R. Markel - Kabbalah Seminar (ra files, play with VLC media player) 
TTC - Jewish Mysticism (Kalman Bland, mp3 and pdf info)


More links to good Kabbalah and mysticism on TPB:
(non-occult, non-bnei branch, non-kabbalah centre stuff)

Books on Judaism and the Jewish people since ancient times
(526 books!)

Abraham J. Heschel - The Prophets (pdf)

Herbert Weiner - 9 1/2 Mystics, The Kabbala Today (pdf)

(Daniel Matt) Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment (pdf)