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Mac OS X 10.7 (11a494) Lion Install DVD - full iso image
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2012-07-23 11:19:25 GMT

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There was some problem with the other torrent i've uploaded, i try this... if don't work search in ed2k network for the .iso file (alec_djinn tagged).

.torrent created with transmission!

Thi is the real full iso image of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion 11a494) Install DVD.

It is an ISO file compatible with Mac and Winzozz burning software.
Just burn it on a DVD and ENJOY!!!

Tested on an Intel Mac.. Work good!!!

                                                alec_djinn (share everything)	


Thanks ! Works Great !
what format is this image... try to mount or burn on mac it didnt work, also on pc didnt work.
This ISN'T ISO image, can't burn or mount it
How the fu** dod you burn it ????
Seems to work by adding .dmg on the file name. At least on Intel MacBook with SnowLeopard. I have not yet tested to install it but atleast package opens just fine...
Searched little bit more... This package is a direct copy of installESD.dmg downloaded from Apple Store. If you wan't to burn it to DVD just simply rename the package as installESD.dmg and open it in finder by double clicking it. Then choose File > Burn "Mac OS X Install ESD" to Disc from Menu bar...
It's 64 bit?
The following worked for me.

• Downloaded the file to a 3TB hd, attached to Airport Extreme.

• Connected a 500GB GUID partitioned hd to MacBookPro via usb. In fact the hd was the original drive in the MBP before I swapped it for ssd.

• With 10.6.8 running on MBP, I renamed the downloaded file to be installESD.dmg, according to BigMac78's instruction (thnx) and then ran the installation from the Airport Extreme hd, to install Lion on the usb drive. This proceeded smoothly.

• When asked if I wanted to load settings, applications etc from another disk, I chose the MBP and that took about 3 hours to shift 450GB across. This saved retyping myriads of settings and prefs etc. I then deleted unwanted duplication like music & pictures.

• The usb drive now runs as a perfectly sound boot disk for Lion, albeit a bit slow being hdd via usb compared to internal ssd.

• Eventually I will swap and have 10.6.8 on the external boot where I will be able to run the occasional application that wont run under Lion and for which I refuse to pay for new version. The swapping will be done by Time Machining 10.6.8, carbon cloning Lion to the MBP and then Time Machining 10.6.8 back to usb hdd, probably while I go on holiday

• Thanx anonymous for the original upload