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Drunvalo Melchizedek - Earth Sky Heart Workshop - 6/13
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Earth/Sky Heart Workshop FULL 13 DVDs - 30 Hours - Day 3 Part 1 (6/13)

FULL set of 13 DVDs .iso`s from Earth/Sky Heart Workshop given live by Drunvalo Melchizedek on April 11-15, 2011, over 28 hours in video.

                  This torrent is the 6/13 from Day 3, Part 1.

You will learn everything about how to activate the Merkbada in the female and pure way, how to cure traumas, balance the emotional and mental body, summon angels, cure chackras distortions, enter in the sacred space of the heart and much more to be totally prepare for the Ascencion to the 4D.

                           Original Price: $390,00

Link for the original product if you want to buy it or to support the author, Drunvalo Melchizedek:



  DAY 1 Disks 1-3

The Day of the Opening Merkaba
Love and Hate
The Blue School

  DAY 2 Disks 1-2

The Day of the Body and Healing
Discussion on Healing
About Today`s Ceremony
The Healing Circle

  DAY 3 Disks 1-3

The Day of the mind
Additional Clearing
The Brain and the Heart Science
The Beams of Light
The Process of Creation
Programming Merkaba

  DAY 4 Disks 1-2

The Day of the Heart
Sufi Dance
The Sacred Space of the Heart
Dancing in the Dark
Moving Your Point of Reference
Entering the Heart

  DAY 5 Disks 1-3

Tantra of the Heart
Heart Orgasm
Creating Alpha
Hike/Final Meditation


here is the link for the others 13 dvds in torrent:

hope you all enjoy it
Thanks Pablo, I will seed for weeks :) Could you tell us what the source file was? Did you purchase this set?
hi Doodleys, I actually bought them and I made the .isos direct from the dvds

I think that by now this is the only source for download in the internet... thanks for help sharing my internet is not so fast for upload so i really need some help on that.

this series is amazing, its beyong anything that drunvalo has on the you tube... this is SO much advanced and incredible

hope you guys like it