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SuperHeavy is the debut album by the rock supergroup SuperHeavy. The album was recorded at Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles and it was released in September 2011 by A&M Records.

"SuperHeavy" began work on the album in 2009. In early 2009, Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and A. R. Rahman experimented at a studio in Los Angeles, trying to "write songs which had meaning". They had a couple of more sessions after that trying to perfect every song that was written. Jagger stated in an interview that they had entered with just ideas, a few guitar riffs and a few snippets of lyrics... which isn't his usual style of working, but music evolved quickly." The band recorded twenty-nine songs in ten days. Some of the songs recorded were even an hour long. In total, there was more than thirty-five hours of music recorded, from which Stewart and his engineer found the highlights that would work as the roots of songs. However, the CD release only included twelve songs.

Track Listing [320k MP3]

01. 	"SuperHeavy"  Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, A. R. Rahman 	5:05
02. 	"Unbelievable"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	3:50
03. 	"Miracle Worker"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	4:09
04. 	"Energy"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart 	3:42
05. 	"Satyameva Jayathe"   	Rahman, Marley, Stone 	4:07
06. 	"One Day One Night"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	4:37
07. 	"Never Gonna Change"   	Jagger, Stewart 	4:23
08. 	"Beautiful People"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	5:00
09. 	"Rock Me Gently"   	Marley, Stone, Stewart 	6:00
10. 	"I Can't Take It No More"   	Jagger 	3:21
11. 	"I Don't Mind"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart 	4:59
12. 	"World Keeps Turning"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart 	3:43

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks	
13. 	"Mahiya"   	Rahman, Marley, Stone 	3:26
14. 	"Warring People"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	5:05
15. 	"Common Ground"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart 	3:43
16. 	"Hey Captain"   	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart 	3:33
17. 	"Miracle Worker" (Ashley Beedle's Warbox Remix) (iTunes bonus track) 	Jagger, Marley, Stone, Stewart, Rahman 	5:30


per request ~ rock on brother ~ peace
Thanks for the music, the reggae sound is too overpowering on too many tracks, in my opinion.
I agree ~ I can appreciate what they are doing here, but not my cup of tea either :-)