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[PC] Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance / Sons of Liberty [Enhanced]
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metal gear solid 2 pc metal gear 2 pc metal gear solid metal gear solid substance metal gear pc
2012-05-30 06:02:01 GMT

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Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance PC + Crack.Fix

This is a bit updated crack & fix torrent for Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance / aka. Sons of Liberty Enhanced.
I included ALUNI_PCVTAPP (Creative ALchemy) to help fix sound/graphics problems if they are present. You need to install this program and add MGS2:S to it to fix certain glitches if they occur.
Other than that:

1. Install the program as normal -- Choose the FULL INSTALL
2. Copy the mgs*.exe no-dvd cracked files from the /crack directory over into C:Program Files*KONAMIMetalGearSolid2 Substancebin or wherever you chose to install the game.
3. Run the game. *cross fingers*

** NOTICE **

That should work ok, but if you have problems with a black screen or sound glitches, you need to install the Creative ALchemy program and add MGS2:S to it, and then run the game.
Also try setting your sound rate to 44khz or whatever it may be on your system.

I only repacked all of these because it was such a hastle to find a working crack for it, and I had the gfx/audio problems initially and had to search comments like crazy. I take no
credit for any of the fine work anyone has done in releasing or cracking on this beautiful game. Enjoy!

Note: I was running Windows 7 Premium 64-Bit, 4 cores @ 2.2ghz, 8G Ram, w/ integrated ATI Radeon HD 6530D and everything worked fine after this. Please seed and shoutouts to whomever (leo?) had
the previous copy up, but it just wasnt playable as-is. Hope this repack works and my foot isn't in my mouth.
																												- vore


Great game but i have a problem. I can get the game to load, no black screen no sound issues. after it loads and i start to play the game i can't see. Its almost like there is a green filter over the screen. I have made it into the ship and its the same. any ideas?
Great game but i have a problem. I can get the game to load, no black screen no sound issues. after it loads and i start to play the game i can't see. Its almost like there is a green filter over the screen. I have made it into the ship and its the same. any ideas?
i have this message when i run the game
Any Help ?
seed plz. thx XD
After 1 hour i finally made it on windows 7 - 32bit
i'll post the steps that i have done

1- install the game

2- copy crack files and paste on game folder

3-install the OTHER program of crack directory and make sure to put this program on the same folder of the game ( inside the BIN folder)

4- open the game

i forgot to mention, didn't even open the alchemy program, just installed it
cheers brothers!
I did everything the uploader said when installing the game. Sound was working fine, I saw cut scenes fine, Codec conversations fine but when I get into the game, every object from smallest of crates to the whole ship was invisible, including Snake and the troopers. Any help to fix this?
anyone having problems with invisible objects in game, refer to this
totally works
plz if you can seed i really want to play mgs2!!
Thank you unce_tom ;)
Works fine (W7 32b) following Damon163 instructions (thank you):

quote: "Damon163 at 2012-09-05 05:06 CET:
TO EVERYONE SAYING THIS DOESN'T WORK. IT DOES WORK!! It's just that the uploader have been given us some fail instructions. 1)Download Creative ALchemy Universal

2)Open it and add Metal Gear Solid as a new game that you want to use with the software.

3) Choose the game directory where you installed it. If you didn't customize your install it should look like this: C:Program Files (x86)KONAMIMetalGearSolid2 Substance

5) Check the last option called "Disable direct music " and continue

7)Go to the game folder( C:Program Files (x86)KONAMIMetalGearSolid2 Substance) and now you'll see these files: dsound.dll and dsound.ini

8)Copy them and paste into the "bin" folder
9) Done! "
whoever the control config its horrible!
why can't i see a thing but the shadow of the person. rain drops, ship, everything completely grey... anyone know how to fix it, pleaseeeee... T.T

thanks b4...
The cut scenes are perfect and so is the codec. But in the gameplay, Everything is gray and black. any ideas as to what I should do?
Never mind. I found the Solution. Change the model quality to 1.
Works well on Windows 8 64-bit, i7 on Nvidia 653M, but only after Creative ALchemy and changing Model (under "Drawing" tab on settings) to 2/4.
Either way, thanks!
Everytime I try to run the game a box pops up which says "failed to create direct3ddevice8 object". Does anyone know what to do about this, I have tried looking it up but with no luck.
Hay guys i am in need of a little help i have downloaded it and when i go to install it it gets up to the part where you hit install and then nothing it just stays like that is there something i have missed please get back to me ASAP i really want to play that game i am running windows 7 64bit ultimate
This game blew me away when it came out in 2001. Almost 12 years later and it still gives me goosebumps. Hideo Kojima rules!
Guys, please seed... :(
doesnt work for me,i even patched the game to version 2.0 and found the 2.0 crack but nothing..and this alchemy tool is complete garbage,it doesnt even recognize metal gear solid 2.
PLEASE HELP !!!! i really want to play this game! i downloaded this torrent but i can't install it, clicking setup.exe doesn't do anything, and trying the other .exe files won't do anything either (after clicking install nothing happens) so please help. i have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
win7,x86. had to dl a different exe to see the textures right. although now its playable, ithe cutscenes/FMVs doesn't play right. The game and audio dont freezes, only the FMV. It starts, but after 1sec they stop, but the voice keeps going.
Also the mini animations, like in the moves tutorial dont play.
Any fix for that?
Yay! At last a torrent that works on Windows 7 x64. How I missed this game! Just follow the simple instructions on the description or in the readme in the included crack folder. For those having the black screen and the game not loading install the included program Creative Alchemy (ALUNI_PCVTAPP), run it and add the game.
If having the invisible objects issue, in the options menu, set the resolution to 1024 x 768 and under the tab 'Drawing' select custom and set Model quality' to lowest.
I had no problems installing and running the game except for the "set drawing to 1" thing. But later on the game freezes in the D-E connecting bridge. This was solved by updating to patch 2.0 and downloading a 2.0 crack.
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