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iLife '06
Applications > Mac
6.12 GiB (6571625679 Bytes)
ilife \'06 ilife 06
2012-01-04 23:25:02 GMT

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I was very frustrated to find that every copy of iLife '06 I could find would stall (after hours and hours of downloading) at about 99.97% rendering it useless of course.  So here it is as a complete download.  It is my first try at torrent creation so I hope it works out.  It is PPC version only and I believe the last version to work on OS X 10.4.11.  Enjoy iLife '06!


If you download this file...Please Seed.
I am disappointed to see that out of at least a dozen people who have downloaded this complete file have chosen not to seed. I will continue to seed for another day or two. As P2P users we all have a responsibility to give back. Because it is that reluctance to give back that leads to dead torrents. PLEASE SEED!
Sorry. Seeding ends tonight. I have uploaded @ a ratio of almost 6 and nobody has seeded. My bandwidth is almost maxed out so sorry everybody.
System requirements for iLife '08:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 (oder neuer); Intel, PowerPC G5 oder PowerPC G4 Prozessor, iMovie erfordert einen Intel Prozessor, einen Power Mac G5 (2 Prozessoren mit 2,0 GHz oder schneller) oder einen iMac G5 (1,9 GHz oder schneller), iDVD erfordert einen Prozessor mit 733 MHz (oder schneller); 512 MB RAM (1 GB empfohlen); 3 GB verfügbarer Festplattenspeicher; DVD-Laufwerk für die Installation; QuickTime 7.2 (oder neuer)

What's actually disappointing, busterfelix, is that you didn't take five seconds to search before you cluttered up TPB by uploading this. iLife 06 was already available here and is being seeded. Uploading a duplicate diminishes the effectiveness of the original file and causes everyone's download speeds to be slower (in addition to the aforementioned clutter). So it's a GOOD thing that nobody else bothered to seed your upload -- you made a mistake in trying to provide it. Please take five seconds to search before you upload anything else. If it's here and well-seeded -- do NOT duplicate it.
hey @busterfelix please! seed a few minutes! im 20mb away from 100% :( please!!!!!