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sgs2 android games shadowgun
2011-10-28 22:06:48 GMT

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ShadowGun for Android.

works great on SGS2 using chainfire 3D free version works great, and using nvidia plugin or you get device not supported


i think ive messed this upload up, ill leave it for a few hours see if anything happens
ah well seems to be uploading.
Don't waste time downloading this. It is completely impossible this is the game (it doesn't fit on 6.12Mb). It should be like 200-300mb, so this is fake.
@distropia how about you go fuck your self, dumbass, you install the game and download the rest of the data through the game like a Gameloft game, you smart as twat, fuck off unless you no what you are talking about. Douche bag
LoLZz Distropia you will need to download the additional file through wifi once you install this gamee...
@distropia go away this works perfectly on my dell streak 7 tablet thanks to uploader as most games here do not work on tablets thanks again and any chance of more nvidea tegra games
I usually just upload the games I like let us no what you want ill grab them for you
any chance you could up the cache files? I've tried downloading them about 8 times now. I never make it through the last one before it hangs
yeah ill upload them, well i say that the last torrent i tried to upload just failed on me big style but ill post back with a link
If you are using older generation non Tegra 2 Android phone like HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S, ShadowGun might not able to load properly. In order to play ShadowGun, you need to turn on ‘Reduce texture quality’ and ‘Reduce texture size’ in Chainfire3D. This will help to reduce memory usage and improve performance on older Android phone. Guess what? These help to fix force close issue on Samsung Galaxy S2 when trying to loading another level after finished level 1. But the graphics quality will be reduced, right? No worry, just turn off those after you manage to go pass the loading.
I can't save game, so it seems to be like demo. I can play as far as I want, but as soon as I quit and go back I have to start over. Same for the torrent of Samurai II.
@iconiafun thats weird mate i can just leave the game and it saves my progress
thanks a ton. does anyone know where i can get spectral souls that actually works. we need someone to upload the sd files or something.
@ehbzur ill get on it now mate
Spectra Souls going up in about ten mins if it works for me
scratch that i cant get it to work right now sorry