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Lost Season 2 Season Two 720p Blu Ray BluRay x264 mkv

2010-02-01 23:03:27 GMT


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The complete second season of the ABC hit series LOST.  Full 720p (x264, AC3) high definition BluRay rip.  Each episode is approximately 1.0 GB.

Includes all 24 aired episodes, as well as ALL of the bonus features on the discs.  

Season 1:

I will be doing all 5 (so far) seasons as soon as possible.  I know they're already out there as 720p, but I know several of you like having the bluray rips and bonus features.  Enjoy!

Episode list: 

Lost.S02E01 'Man of Science, Man of Faith'.mkv
Lost.S02E02 'Adrift'.mkv
Lost.S02E03 'Orientation'.mkv
Lost.S02E04 'Everybody Hates Hugo'.mkv
Lost.S02E05 '...And Found'.mkv
Lost.S02E06 'Abandoned'.mkv
Lost.S02E07 'The Other 48 Days'.mkv
Lost.S02E08 'Collision'.mkv
Lost.S02E09 'What Kate Did'.mkv
Lost.S02E10 'The 23rd Psalm'.mkv
Lost.S02E11 'The Hunting Party'.mkv
Lost.S02E12 'Fire + Water'.mkv
Lost.S02E13 'The Long Con'.mkv
Lost.S02E14 'One of Them'.mkv
Lost.S02E15 'Maternity Leave'.mkv
Lost.S02E16 'The Whole Truth'.mkv
Lost.S02E17 'Lockdown'.mkv
Lost.S02E18 'Dave'.mkv
Lost.S02E19 'S.O.S.'.mkv
Lost.S02E20 'Two for the Road'.mkv
Lost.S02E21 'Question Mark'.mkv
Lost.S02E22 'Three Minutes'.mkv
Lost.S02E23 'Live Together, Die Alone Part 1'.mkv
Lost.S02E24 'Live Together, Die Alone Part 2'.mkv


Excellent quality for the best series ever.
English subtitles synched by ME personally made especially for this release found here:

They are all synched by me personally so i can guarantee that they are 100% correct!

please seed !!!
Seed please xP
Ahh I just figure out what the problem is, why the Extras appear interlaced and why media players won't deinterlace them --

Grandy88 encoded them as Progressive, when they're actually Interlaced. Although the main episodes are progressive, these extras should have been encoded as interlaced. I wish there was a way to change a "flag" in the clip to change it from Progressive to Interlaced, so that media players correctly deinterlace the clips (to get rid of those jaggy lines on motion), but unfortunately, the only way to do this is to re-rip and encode the video from the blurays :(

Grandy88 (or anyone) -- do you happen to still have the blurays, that perhaps you could re-rip the extras content as Interlaced?
Come on seed you selfish bastards !
I can't believe it...
Ok so i'll be able to watch all of this when i'll be 24... I'm 18.
So if you could just seed a little it would be very appreciated.
This is pure gold
I beg of you all. Plz plz plz seed for a while. Thank you graciously!
Hey guys.

As most of you have probably realized, I haven't been able to seed much since the initial seed three years ago. Thanks for keeping it afloat and sorry for disappearing.

I am now seeding all six seasons and will continue to for the foreseeable future.

If there are any specific additional requests (subtitles, audio commentary, whatever), I could probably be coerced to comply if there was enough demand. I do still have the BDs. Let me know.
Hey granddy88, thanks for your good work.
Any change to get the spanish subtitles from de BD´s? All the 6 Seasons.
Thanks in advance bro.

LOST Season 1 in 1080p! Incl. DTS-HD audio and subs.
Mate, you're a genius. You have no idea how badly I wanted a share like this.
Only if you could upload and share all the seasons in 1080p and DTS with all the extras like the first one, it would be amazingly wonderful. I would share for months!
Best regards.
grandy88 please seed this torrent!!!!
Please man
Thanks for the uploads on seasons 1-6. im currently in the process of downloading these. i will seed as long as i can.
Seed please my downloading is very slow
GRANDY thank you a lot for this upload you are awesome!!!
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