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genki-genki japanese dog porn (dgen001) by Daikichi Amano
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genki-genki genki genki genki dog porn japanese dgen001 bestiality Daikichi Amano 天野大吉

2009-12-18 08:42:11 GMT


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Film length: 102 minutes - directed by Daikichi Amano.

You can learn more about him at his website
You can also buy those movies at
And, theres a documentary about Daikichi Amano and this kind of fetish

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Lustful Lesbian Sex With A Dog

One with a female dog. The Genki debut also featured a porn first: a dog with a strap-on having sex. And an oral scene in which its vagina is spread wide and lustfully eaten out by the actress. It all came out my desire to create the kind of mind-blowing imagery that can only be found on Genki. The dog is actually my family pet. I felt terrible watching it vomit from the heat of the studio lights. I vowed never to shoot another film using a dog.




Today its no seafood - its a doggie ;p
I'm not really into this, but someone requested it, so there you go.
Oh well, you should take a look at DGEN018 - thats really sick... compared to this ;p
Thank you thank you thank you. If only there were some way to have it uncensored :(
Thank you SO much, Dragonforce79! I was the one who requested this and it's amazing to have a request answered! Very unique porn too, nearly impossible to find.

In return, I promise to seed this for years to come, guaranteed! Thanks!
Do you have any of girls putting live fish into their pussy?
Hello! just hipped to the world of torrents! Really enjoy japanese beastiality especially sucking as no censor.....also enjoy jap you have any that show eating shitting in mouth? thankx for your and all help
would it be possible to you to get this?
tokyo bestiality looks good, least the girls on TB dont look like their about to spew!
hmm any lolicon type vidz? just a thought

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Do you have any of the choking or blood vessel ones? Specifically JTEN184. Please oh please still be active.