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RealFlight G4.5 + Extras
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2009-08-05 15:56:15 GMT


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Included in this torrent are all 4 disks of RealFlight G4 plus the three official updates that turn it into RealFlight G4.5

5 addon packs and the Dongle Emulator that lets you use a joystick instead of the Interlink controller that the program ships with.

Program Description:

The most realistic R/C flight sim experience is back – with plenty of all-new features to send you soaring! For starters, G4.5 includes RealPhysics 3D – one of the most accurate, realistic flight models ever created! Each aircraft, from the smallest heli to the mightiest warbird, reacts to its environment as it would in real life. Crash into a tree, and leaves fall. Crash a balsa model and you'll even see wood dust appear after the impact! And now Real Rendering™ gives you even greater detail without increasing the workload on your computer.
  Want to fly with a friend? No problem! RealFlight G4.5 lets you fly with up to seven other pilots at once – whether they're as close as the next room or on the other side of the world! Two-pilot flight is also easier than ever. Just connect your own radio transmitter for multi-mode flight – no need to buy another controller! Other exciting new features let you add your own headset to chat with other pilots “live,” and offer the ability to block out unwanted users!
  And let's not forget the features RealFlight is famous for: exciting night flying, coaching from Virtual Flight Instructors, easy push-button resets, AccuModelâ„¢ aircraft editor with over 1,500 airfoil choices, over 5,000 square miles of 3D TruLifeâ„¢ terrain and much, much more! Only one question remains: why fly the rest when you can fly the best?

Minimum Recommended System:
Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will still be high quality.

    * Windows®* XP or Vista™
    * Intel® Pentium® 1.0GHz or equivalent
    * 512 MB RAM
    * 4 GB hard drive space
    * 3D accelerated video with: 32 MB dedicated video memory Full DirectX 9 compliant (Pixel Shader 1.4 support)
    * DVD Drive
      *Administrator Access Required

Optimal System:
For best graphical performance

    * Dual core 2.4GHz CPU
    * 2 GB RAM
    * 3D accelerated video with: 512 MB dedicated video memory, Pixel Shader 3.0 support

Mount or burn and follow the instructions given in the Install Instructions.txt file.


This version uses the US layout for R/C Controllers so the throttle is on the left and the Ailerons are on the right (this is opposite to the European Layout)

It Also works very well with an Xbox 360 Controller in windows

English only


Man I feel super stupid. Cant get it to work, I have mounted all the images but keep on getting the message after clicking on the first message "unable to remove read-only attribute from copied file ........\installer\setup2.exe". HELP!! Pease.
Downloaded and installed with no problems. Scanned with 2 anti-virus all passed np.
Using a "rc tech usb flight simulator" by dynam. Airplanes work great, and after some tweaking I am able to get everything working on heli's but the turn right/left stick ... Which sucks hardcore. Think im gunna sell the simulator I have online and buy the flight simulator 6. Unless you are flying airplanes, or have a RealFlight G4 controller ... Dont waste your time. I wanted to throw stuff into the wall after messing with this crap.
Works perfectly, using ESky controller and Win7.

BUT: Phoenix RC 3.0 posted by Tunt3Maton is MUCH better.
Really smooth, has a nice interface and a bunch of good models included. Works easily with a USB controller through the provided emulator.
I need help with this. I downloaded everything and then landed up with four SQL Server Database files and four .mds files. I suppose those are the four disks that Groo is talking about. How do I mount them??
There is also an "Updates" folder with install files. I run them and they seem to install Realflight but when I run it it complains about missing dll files.
Any ideas? Please if you can help I would really appreciate it. You can email me at [email protected]
hi i was wondering how can i update it from G4.5 to G5 and so on ?
other then that i am having so much fun with this and im allso hooking up m dx6i and it will be alot better haha
Help Please

1st thanks for the torrent!

my problem is I have mounted and installed successfully all 4 "discs" but when I go to the launcherG4 or even the RealFlight applications I get an error message that says "KEError 21051: Unknond Product Code". This happens even if I try and run as admin. I do not know where to insert the codes that were provided.

In response to my last post directly above. I got it to work. I launched from the start menu instead of the file directory.
New problem,
Trying to install the updates, the first one (4_00_035) a window pops up stating Unsupported 16 bit application that can not start or run due to the 64 bit version of windows that I am running. (windows 7 home premium)
Thanks in advance.
I, too, am having a problem with installing the updates because the installer is apparently a 16-bit application but my windows 7 version is 64-bit.
Okay so I figured out I don't need to run the first two updates, just the third one. I then installed the addon packs and finally put the emu.exe in the install directory. I set up the controller in there and then clicked launch. A window for the simulator opened up, but before it does anything else, I get a popup that says "Could not find a Controller for the participant to use - please plug one in to re-try" with the buttons "Retry" and "Cancel". If I hit Retry, the popup simply disappears and reappears again until I hit Cancel, where the program will exit. Someone help me out?
burn the four image (mds) files .. RFV4_1.mds , RFV4_2.mds, RFV4_3.mds, RFV4_4.mds into four separate DVD using the free software imgburn

install the game, the later info is given in the file "install instructions"
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