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Marc Dorcel - Le Souffle de la Jouissance (1999) - RayVeness,Jew
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Dorcel 1990s Sydnee Steele Rebecca Lord Sana Fey Alexa Rae Brittany Andrews Jewel De Nyle Chelsea Blue Devin Lane Delaney Daniels Sharon Mitchell Rayveness 1999 Marc Dorcel French
2009-03-20 00:21:17 GMT

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Marc Dorcel - Le Souffle de la Jouissance (1999)

aka "Whispers"

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Une grosse limousine dévore la route à vive allure. A son bord, la narratrice, une superbe créature qui, jambes écartées, sans complexe, se prodigue d'émoustillantes caresses. De rendez-vous en rendez-vous, elle a recueilli les confidences amoureuses de femmes pour qui le sexe et le plaisir sexuel sont des principes de vie. L'une prend un plaisir pervers à la domination d'un mâle, prisonnier d'une camisole de cuir, qui devra lui lécher les pieds avant de la sodomiser. Une blonde pulpeuse utilise son opulente poitrine pour exécuter sur son amant une savante "cravate de notaire". Alors qu'une "longue dame brune", folle de son corps, s'offre aux caresses saphiques de sa complice, une pianiste lesbienne en renom s'adonne à de coupables étreintes avec une admiratrice. Arrivée à son rendez-vous du jour, la narratrice est accueillie par la propre femme de son client... 


    * Alexa Rae [Facial]
    * Brittany Andrews [Bald]
    * Chelsea Blue [MastOnly]
    * Delaney Daniels [LezOnly]
    * Devinn Lane [LezOnly]
    * Jewel De'Nyle
    * RayVeness [Facial]
    * Rebecca Lord [LezOnly]
    * Sana Fey [Facial]
    * Sharon Mitchell [LezOnly]
    * Sydnee Steele [Anal]

Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Todd Alexander, RayVeness
    * Scene 2. Jewel De'Nyle
    * Scene 3. Alec Metro, Sydnee Steele
    * Scene 4. Brick Majors, Sana Fey
    * Scene 5. Delaney Daniels, Jewel De'Nyle
    * Scene 6. Brittany Andrews, Eric Price
    * Scene 7. Sharon Mitchell, Rebecca Lord
    * Scene 8. Jewel De'Nyle, Michael Matteo
    * Scene 9. Chelsea Blue
    * Scene 10. Alexa Rae, Kyle Stone
    * Scene 11. Devinn Lane, Jewel De'Nyle

Distributor: New Sensations / Marc Dorcel
Released:    1999
Language:    French
Director:    Nick Andrews
Duration:    01:48:45
Video:       DivX 5 576x448 25.00fps 1794Kbps
Audio:       MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 256Kbps


Whispers  follows up  Electric Sex: Collector’s Edition , Nic Andrews’ extremely well done first movie for Digital Sin. There isn’t much of a plot, instead following a loose idea. Jewel De’Nyle plays the madam in a high priced call girl service. Since it’s not the most legal operation, it depends on word of mouth to survive, and thus is often spoke of only in whispers. It’s a simple premise, and one that will probably remind many of Andrew Blake’s  Secrets , especially since Jewel spends much of her time riding around in a limo as well as satisfying herself there but does venture out for certain clients, much as Ashlyn Gere did in the aforementioned movie.

Rayveness, as a southern belle, starts things out with a movie exec played by her real life husband Todd Alexander. Todd starts out sucking Rayveness’s tits and fingering her pussy before Rayveness starts giving him a tender blowjob, some of which is caught in the reflection of Todd’s mirrored sunglasses. Her cocksucking gradually builds heat, ending with such heat that I wouldn’t have blamed Todd if he would have passed on the pussy. Todd starts fucking Rayveness still fully dressed from behind, and as they change positions they also drop some clothes. They finish the scene with a very nice facial that Rayveness keeps both her mouth and eyes open for. It’s a hot scene and one that does a great job for setting the mood for what’s yet to come, as well as cum.

Sydnee Steele gives Alec Metro a little lesson on what love’s like with a dominatrix in the next scene. He starts out tied to a chair with his hands cuffed behind him and a gag on his mouth. Sydnee has Alec lick the bottom of her feet and suck her toes before she rewards him with a flogging. Next, she has him strip her down and kiss her all over, especially her pussy. This time she rewards him with a nice warm mouth around his cock, although he also has a noose around his cock and balls to make sure he behaves. Thinking he’s trained in well enough, Sydnee hops on his cock to fuck him reverse cowgirl before she has him fuck her pussy and ass from behind. They finish it off with Alec popping his baby batter onto Sydnee’s tits to end this very hot scene.

Next up, Brick Majors gets a visit from Sana Fey in the hot tub. Brick starts off as a gentleman, kissing her tits and eating her pussy before having her suck his cock, which she does very well while pinching his nipples. When they actually get to fucking they limit the deed to only two positions, doggie style with Brick giving Sana’s ass a good spanking and reverse cowgirl. Brick finishes it off with a nice pop in Sana’s mouth which she swallows down. It’s another great scene that has a lot of heat to it.

Whispers changes gears a little with Jewel De’Nyle and Delaney Daniels in the next scene. Jewel starts out playing the piano before Delaney comes up behind her and does a little playing of her own. They work each other over with both their tongue and fingers before Jewel starts to work Delaney’s ass over. Nic Andrews’ art direction really comes through nicely here. The sex is basically the same as most other girl - girl scenes, but the art direction helps it stand out a little and makes it into a hot scene.

The next scene goes back to straight sex as blonde bombshell Brittany Andrews, who looks fabulous in her black lingerie, gloves, and stockings, gets some loving from Eric Price in a bedroom. She starts him out with an amazing blowjob before she lets him go down on her pussy. They keep up the heat as they work through several of the standard positions fucking, and it appears that Brittany might have squirted as Eric moved her over and pulled out to blast his ball batter on her boobs. It’s something that’s talked about in the commentary, but nobody really seemed to know for sure. The one thing that was certain, however, was the heat in this scene which was great!

Rebecca Lord and Miss Sharon Mitchell team up for another all girl scene, this one complete with toys, after Rebecca gives a nice little tease by a pool to open the scene. When Sharon and Rebecca start getting busy, they don’t have much choice but to get nice and close since the bathroom is very small. Sharon eats out Rebecca as she sits on the toilet, wisely avoiding her asshole, before Rebecca returns the favor as Sharon sits on the bathroom counter. To finish it off, Sharon uses a glass G-spot stimulator to finish off Rebecca. It’s a very hot scene that works extremely well thanks to the excellent chemistry between the two ladies.

Jewel returns to please Chelsea Blue’s husband, Michael Mateo. Jewel starts things off with a great tease before dropping down to suck on Michael’s rod. She continues with her tease afterwards, going down to her bra, panties, and stockings for Michael to eat her pussy before he fucks her from behind and then lets her ride him. Through it all, Chelsea watches from a couch across the room and plays with her pussy with her fingers and a vibrator. They finish off the scene with Michael letting his love loogie loose on Jewel’s tits, with Chelsea still watching from a distance. Not surprisingly, this is another very hot scene that’s once again helped out a lot by the direction. The shots do a great job of blending Jewel and Michael’s action with Chelsea on the couch. It also nicely adds in a few extreme close-ups with some distance shots to show everybody in action.

Kyle Stone learns that divorce can have its up sides when Alexa Rae is sent to cheer him up by some of his friends. This was Alexa’s second scene ever, so she’s still showing potential and thankfully hasn’t developed the raging ego that ravaged many of her later features. Kyle starts off playing with Alexa’s pussy as she sits on a railing and then has her come down to suck his cock. It’s an extremely sexy blowjob and shows a lot of the potential that many directors and some studios saw in Alexa right away. They move on to fuck at the top of the stairs, with Alexa still wearing her panties rather than having them in the traditional location of hanging around Kyle’s neck, before moving through the other standard positions. As the scene progresses, Alexa gets a little nastier and starts trash talking extremely well, which builds up a lot of heat. Kyle finishes the scene by stuccoing Alexa’s face, neck, and tits. It’s another very hot scene that even those who gave up on Alexa should check out.

Finally, Jewel De’Nyle gets a treat from Devinn Lane in a limo scene that makes Kevin Costner and Sean Young’s scene look like it should be in a Disney movie. Devinn starts out working over Jewel’s horribly implanted tits before letting Jewel return the favor and one-up her by playing with her pierced pussy as well. They eat each other out as well as probing each other’s twats with their fingers in this extremely hot scene. The action and chemistry between Jewel and Devinn is helped out even more by the excellent art direction. The scene is done in black and white and the shadows as they drive around from the natural light add quite a bit to the scene. It’s also helped out by a fast strobe effect which gives the scene a bit of an appearance of being shot on film. It’s an excellent scene to end the feature with and one that fans of either lady is going to want to make sure to check out.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it would be hard to give Andrew Blake’s Secrets a much better compliment than Whispers. The movie is kind of a throwback to Andrew Blake’s Secrets in style, plot, and sex. The sex is all hot and is nicely balanced. The overall movie has some very nice art direction that sets Whispers apart from many of the other adult films out there. Whispers should make a lot of people notice Nic Andrews and show that Electric Sex: Collector’s Edition wasn’t a fluke.

Themes: Straight, masturbation, B&D, feet, toe-ing, anal, spanking, lesbian, toys, group, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Whispers can be found online for between $18 and $25 with several stores offering it for under $20. At this price, if you’re at all interested in the movie, buy it. The sex is very hot and artistic, the transfer is excellent, and the commentary makes for a great extra. 




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