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Private XXX, Vol. #16 - Body XXX (2004) - Silvia Lancome,Mischel
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Anal Double penetration Private Cristina Bella Silvia Lancome Julie Silver Jennifer Stone Shelby Belle Alice Angels Elis Sarah Twain Mischel Crazy Mischel Wild
2008-12-30 14:16:10 GMT

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Private XXX, Vol. #16

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    * Angels Elis (as Alice) [Anal]
    * Cristina Bella [Anal Facial DP Bald]
    * Edita Ungerova
    * Jennifer Stone (as Jennifer)
    * Julie Silver [Anal]
    * Mischel Wild [Anal Facial Bald]
    * Sarah Twain
    * Shelby Belle [Anal]
    * Silvia Lancome [Anal Facial DP]
    * Silvia Saint [LezOnly DVDOnly]
Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Cristina Bella, Lauro Giotto, Zenza Raggi
    * Scene 2. Angels Elis, George Uhl, Mischel Wild
    * Scene 3. J.P.X., Shelby Belle
    * Scene 4. Vito Corleone, Sarah Twain
    * Scene 5. Charlie, Claudio Meloni, Silvia Lancome
    * Scene 6. George Reno, Jennifer Stone, Julie Silver


Private has long been a trendsetter in porn all over the world as it releases features, gonzo porn, and various compilations from their vast vaults of footage. One of the types of productions they have are the magazine style releases that encompass a number of scenes from various directors as well as other bonuses too (typically the various Making of… series included). In a revival of a series long since gone, Private has decided to start up their XXX line, with Private XXX 16: Body Talk as the latest volume (it's been years since volume 15). The highlight of the show will definitely be the bonus lesbian scene with Silvia Saint but the others had their appeal too. 
If you're still interested in a veritable smorgasbord of hot women having sex, read the following breakdowns of the scenes that follows:

Scene One: Body Worship: 
D-Gianfranco Romagnoli: 11/2003: Cristina, a very attractive brunette wearing an outfit I'd like to see on some of the cuties at my gym, Zenza, and Lauro, had the first scene in a gym. Lauro got to bone her first with Zenza coming in later; each getting some oral, vaginal and anal action before the DP. She paid too much attention to the camera for my tastes but she gave an energetic performance nonetheless and even without a lot of chemistry, I liked it a fair amount.

Scene Two: Hot Hairdressers: 
D-Tom Herold: 1/2004: Alice and Michelle, a couple of attractive blondes with lean bodies, gave George a bit of extra fun when he went in to get his hair cut at a private salon. Alice had the most fun with him as Michelle sat back on the bed and masturbated throughout the fun until the end. There was a lot of oral and vaginal with a bit of anal for those who care. It was a mechanical and mostly slow screw by the trio and I can see why it was dumped onto this renewed series as an afterthought. The gals showed some potential though so fans may want to check them out here and elsewhere.

Scene Three: Lost In Paris: 
D-Marc Lelong: 11/2003: Shelby, a bleach blonde with too much makeup, and veteran porn stud JPX, had a filler scene after meeting in Paris. They took the action in the bedroom of a motel with oral, and anal sex being the mainstays here. I liked her legs and overall look but the gobs of makeup really detracted from her charms and that weakened it for me more than a little bit.

Scene Four: Pop & Porn Star: 
D-Little Al: 5/2003: Sara, playing the lean little brunette singing sensation that Vito dreamt about while he listened to a track from her album, was magically made to appear in his geeky bedroom. The scene was done up in comic book style, complete with large word balloons, although the creativity ended there. She's not usually my type but her fishnet stockings, crop top shirt, and little piece of butt floss combined with her energetic antics made her a sight to behold. If the sex had been a bit more than a cookie cutter formula, I'd have really gotten into this one although her hip grinding did remind me of the old days with Ginger Lynn.

Scene Five: A Different Sex Story: 
D-Xavi Dominguez: 6/2003: Silvia L., a very cute brunette with a great body in a bikini, started off by swimming in an outdoor pool before holding a shooting match of sorts that ended tragically for a fat guy (uncredited) but fairly well for Claudio and Charlie; each of whom got to sample her fine young body. She blew them and otherwise took care of their sexual desires on the yard of the mansion, culminating in a DP. She wasn't as energetic as I'd hoped for but it wasn't a bad scene if you don't need any chemistry between the performers.

Scene Six: Make Up Sessions: 
D-Tom Herold: 2/2004: Jennifer and Julie, both looking extremely hot at a photo session in their lingerie, posed and teased until Big George showed how he earned his name. I thought the gals were among the hottest of the show and the music worked better than average too as they had their scene with him. Admittedly, he really wasn't that "big" but he had big ideas by taking them on so I'll give him partial credit. Otherwise, the ladies were attentive to one another with the oral and vaginal action being the focal point of the sex (a fair amount of PTM took place too).

Private XXX 16 wasn't the best release I've seen from the company in the last few years (or even the last few months) but it had enough variety to make me consider it worthy of a rating of Rent It. The fact is, the show lasted barely over 95 minutes in a day and age when porn typically goes on for over two hours (at a lower price point). Further, most of the scenes had some significant visual or thematic flaws that detracted from the potential heat so unless you're a big fan of the cast, you might do better elsewhere. I'd like to see a few of them in a movie where more attention was paid to the basics as that'd probably elevate the replay value a lot but your mileage will vary.