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free energy plans to make a time machine and propel a UFO (the r
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Free energy with no moving parts. The device needs to be tuned to the note of "a". To do this use the 5/3 ratio for it's size such as 15"x9"x9" or 5'x3'x3' or any other 5/3 ratio size. The device needs to be zapped with a neon sign transformer to magnetize it. Do not put it on the ground and keep it shorted out when not in use. The device works on the principle of piezoelectricity and compression. When silicon dioxide is compressed the oxygen atoms will become deficient in electrons and thus all free electrons will fall into it. You may have to soak the stones in water before assembly so they absorb oxygen. Beware of lightning bolts. Do not touch the device, it is a capacitor and can discharge and kill you. USE EXTREME CAUTION YOU ARE MESSING WITH HIGH VOLTAGE> you are building it at your own risk and I will assume no responsibility for your injury or death. BE CAREFUL!
You are building a musical instrument and it has to be in tune so it vibrates to the musical note of "a". There are no moving parts so it will never break down.
You can build it with most metals, however gold is preferred if you want it to last because gold will never corrode from oxygen. The stones you use must have a high quartz content or it will not work. If you make it powerful enough you will stop time around you, however.. your mind will not remember or comprehend any time travel experience that you encounter because no time will have passed so there is nothing to remember. 


Now I know we have been visited by aliens.
You're damn right, billy stretcher. We used to build this stuff way back in primary school. It was on Blue Peter (yeah the sticky back plastic), and isn't Valerie Singleton a babe these days. Take care out there. Safe surfing, mate.
The last sentence reminds me of a Norwegian home-brew party: "It was great! Don't remember a single thing!" :)
Nice comment, Vevaren. Been there myself. Done it and worn the T-shirt.
O-Qua Tangin Wann, brothers and sisters.
Hi there, Riley Martin. Nice to hear from you.
I shall get back to you yesterday and tell you the plan.
wow even aliens are uploading on pirate bay i hope they abduct some of trolls and experiment on their ass

What a fuckin' great comment, mate. One of the best ever. LMAO. You're even more sarcastic than I am. Love you, dude.
Wait, so, there are a few gaps in the construction details. What part specifically is "the device" that you first refer to? I assume it's the granite transducer, please correct me if I am wrong. Are all three blocks of the same quartz content? Do the lower two blocks have holes drilled into them into which the positive electrode is inserted, or do they just touch with the outside of the block? Is the size of the lower two blocks as necessary to be in 5/3 ratio as the transducer is?

Please clear up these hazy points and I'd test it

What is meant by the term "horse shoe magnet"?
The two blocks inside have holes drilled through them and the positive electrode touches the inside of the hole as well as the bottom inside metal of the box. The 2 inside blocks have only one hole drilled through each. The transducer has 2 holes drilled in it but the negative electrode does not enter the connects to the outside top metal of the box.
The box itself is tuned to 5/3 ratio... the stones are not tuned, but have to fit snug inside the box because you are compressing the stones inside using the Bielfeld Brown effect. The device needs to be zapped with a neon sign transformer (high voltage) to magnetize it.
A smaller device will need an antenna connected to the outside to pick up the free negative electrons all around us... a larger device will not need an antenna.
Red granite is used because of it's high quartz content and elasticity. Red rose granite was used in the original design 5000 years ago also known as the Ark of the covenant. The device really works.. when built properly in tune all it takes is the "a" note of a musical instrument to start it...and you will need to short it out to stop it. You CAN EVEN Start it with your own voice if you are capable of signing the note of "A". It has to be in tune so it vibrates or it will not only need to tune the box... this is a tuned capacitor and it needs to vibrate to work. It beats just like a heart but much faster than you can see or hear.
If you want free energy from it you will need to hook it up to a step down transformer to lower the voltage down to usable levels used in everyday electrical devices. This device will power a whole city... but you will need to add a transformer.
So um this has a horse shoe magnet broken into two halves, which creates two separate N and S poles, pretty much destroying this idea...

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also I like how "Millions of Volts" was erased and replaced by "Billions of Volts"
Thank you very much for these informations.
Though may I ask you if all three granite blocks are exactely the same width, for on you handwritten plan the one on top seem a little wider.
Consequently, does the total width of the sealed box equals the top granite block's width to make the total ratio all 3/5?
Another important question, is the connector installed all around the sealed box, or is it, as it appears on the plan, just a wire?
Thank you very much.
I realize the plans are vague and there are a few errors in it.
The actual 5/3 ratio is the F#... F Sharp note.
The stones used are red granite.
All 3 stones are the same size.. the 2 inside need to fit tight. your building a musical instrument made to vibrate. It is also a capacitor that will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. You can sing to it.. talk to it.. play a musical instrument to it.. it will pick up the vibrations and charge the capacitor.
It's not a billion volts.. it's about 30,000 volts with a 1.25 inch spark gap. Make sure the dielectric is thicker than the spark gap or it will arc through the dielectric and catch on fire.
You may want to put a variable resistor on it.
Bigshaith.. it's not really a horse shoe magnet.. it's more like a spark gap shaped like a tuning fork.
In fact a Jacobs ladder shape would be fine too.